Nyheter från Pion Design !!

 Så underbart roligt det är att presentera nyheter från Pion Design!! Denna gång är det de fina papprerna Till Far/For Father som kommer i 6x6 och även Från mormors vind / From Grandma's Attic kommer i mindre bilder. Sååååå roligt !!
Så här skriver Jenny :
As the fall has arrived and the evenings are getting darker, many of us feel an emerging need to cuddle up inside with plenty of time to spend on paper crafting. Fittingly enough, Pion Design are now releasing two paper collections – For Father in 6×6” and From Grandma’s Attic – tinted.
For Father 6×6″ is Pion Designs masculine collection, suitable for all those special occasions when you want to acknowledge a father, brother or son. The images of old cars and gentlemen in quite muted colors will provide you and your crafting with that vintage feeling that is a trademark of Pion Design papers.

From Grandma’s Attic – tinted contains lovely sepia toned pictures, gently tinted as it was done in the past. The shades can be traced back to Pion Designs previous collections and therefore you will find that the pictures match perfectly with our other papers. With titles such as Family, Warm Clothes, Boys and Girls you will soon learn that no matter what the occasion or the aim of your crafting may be, you will be able to find a gorgeous picture suited for exactly this purpose.


Önskar Er alla en härligt kväll!

KRAM från mig,

Eivor /Ejja


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